To redefine your reality, break free from your stress, fear and addictions, rediscover your purpose, and return to a natural state of joy, I encourage you to read Hidden Demons and follow David’s global mission.

Tony Jeton Selimi, Human Behaviour Expert and international bestselling author of A Path to Wisdom.

All of us fail and dishonour ourselves at times, in worlds of our own making. We throw away our potential that resides in every sunrise whilst mourning at sunset the loss of our days. We are all free to change our stories and the world we have made for ourselves. David shows us how.

Paul Sinclair, Emotional Intelligence and Addiction Coach, NLP Master

In his work with senior leaders and in his powerful books, David shows us that the ‘vulnerable’ future is already upon us: more open and connected societies, more outreach, and more resilient and responsive leaders.

John Mattone, Bestselling Author and World's Top Executive Coach (Global Gurus 30)

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